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Great Mathematics and College links

Site to find the common application for colleges with supplements for many of the schools accepting the common application.

Place to find the University of California Online Application Center where one application can be used for all UC campuses.

The online version of the common application.

A comprehensive site with links to facts on everything on the net and almost any subject. Has nice search features. Will provide ideas and facts for classes in any subject.

Want to get some information about a college or university straight from the institution itself? A link to the main page of every major college or university is found on this site.

Determines which scholarships you are eligible for and then matches you up with them. A very comprehensive site for financial aid.

University bound can use this to find schools, apply for admission, find financial aid, and study for SAT's. Those in college can use it to find ideal graduate schools, distance-learning programs, study-abroad programs, and summer camps.

A site run by Advanced Placement that lists the college and university credits you can get for your Advanced Placement Tests.

A comprehensive guide to exploring all 23 campuses of the California State University system. You can tour the campuses and apply online. You can also file for financial aid, track completion of admission requirements and send questions to expert counselors.

Here is a site where you can get programs, discussion groups, order accessories, and some interesting links for your TI calculator. There is a lot of stuff here including a flash rom download for Chinese help with the TI-83 plus. It's an interesting and helpful site run by Texas Instruments.

Academic Info which is a comprehensive site of links to almost every subject including math which can assist you in doing your homework, gathering resources or information.

Karl's Calculus Tutor Page for 1st Year Calculus. A comprehensive set of help organized by topics with a search capability. If you still can't find it, you can send Karl an e-mail for assistance.

Another comprehensive set of links to every university or college that offers a bachelor's degree in the United States.       Here is a list of online schools.

Massachusetts Institute of Techonolgy Online Opencourseware--free and very comprehensive.

This site has been provided by Mathematica and will give you the answer to almost any integral. It is very helpful when you don't see how to do the problem. The answer is a great hint. You do need to learn how to do the functions so the Integrator will recognize them. There is an explanation at the site.

Going to need stuff for college or just now? Want to get some great coupons for buying clothes, computers, school supplies, furniture and other things? This site has tons of e-coupons good for discounts at many sites. Buy a Handspring Visor at and get $30 off plus free shipping. Check it out.

FastWeb makes searching for scholarships quite easy. It is easy to register and use this page to find over 3000 different scholarships.

Math Forum Home Page  The home page of the Math Forum provided by Drexel University. Many resources available here including Dr. math which has a large archive of mathematics questions and where you can ask Dr. Math your question.

A college visit checklist to help you know the questions to ask when you visit a college campus. Some nice links, too.

Another excellent site to search for financial aid--loans, scholarships and other forms of aid--as well a a lot of other advice.

Colleges financial aid and scholarship web page. Another great site for looking for financial aid and getting other information on colleges and universities, too.

TI-InterActive! enables high school and college teachers and students to easily investigate ideas in mathematics and science. Teachers can enhance students' learning through interactive lessons that encourage exploration, visualization, data analysis and writing. Students can use TI InterActive! to help them master math and science concepts, improve problem solving skills, create great looking homework, access and download teacher-prepared materials from the Internet, and more.Parents may wish to include TI InterActive! on their home computer for students at home.

A very complete statistics page with links, e-books, references, statistics jokes, recommended books, a discussion group and much more.

Exambot is a site that will allow you to freely use some math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry AP type level questions. Some good resources.

A web site that has many resources for teachers and students. It has a very good list of links under Mathematics-->Calculus that will give you access to loads of sites that will help you with your calculus studies. Links to other subjects, too.

A site that is designed just for graduating high school seniors and explores the resources and trials of being a college freshman. Includes ideas on transferring colleges, major problems, and of course what to get for college.

The College Student Survival Guide site. A somewhat tongue in cheek site that has some good ideas to get you started on your college career.

Now that Calculus classes are winding down, here is a site that can give you programs for your TI calculator including games and math programs. Seen others playing space invaders--you can, too! Website includes instructions on downloading and using.

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